Saturday, 12 November 2016

How To Reinstate Amazon Associates CLOSED Account

As part of struggle to make 2017 goals reality, Today on 12th November 2016 I headed to my very old but almost zero-meter Amazon associates account which I made years ago, in 2011. After struggling with recovering password I managed to sign in but welcomed by an important notice, mentioning;
Important Notice This account is closed and will not generate referrals. Access to this site is for historical purposes only.

Amazon Associates CLOSED Account

And there is also a notification that my tax information is incomplete. So in a hope, I made it update, replaced old website with new one, also. But still failed to get rid from Account Closed status. Checked my email history, and didn't find anything worth looking. Headed to Google search and found Chris Bailey post, that how he reactivated his account facing similar issue.

So, decided to follow the same way and, made a decision to opt for live chat from contact us. Make sure to be logged in to see live chat option in contact us page. Erin T from customer service listened very carefully and confirmed my identity by knowing my Name written in Amazon database. And in couple minutes tells me that Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) declaration was incomplete, which is mandatory for participation in the Amazon Associates Program. And said, Unfortunately, we are unable to reinstate your Associates account. And I would need to re-apply for a new account in order to participate in the Associates Program.

And may be he had also made some changes on back end, because in order to re-apply from same email id, I just need to sign-out and then have to click yellow button that says Join Now for Free. On the next page, enter the same email address, choose returning customer and sign in with your email and password. This will take you to the application, which will take another 5-10 minutes filling it, and that's it. It's done, you got back your account.

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