Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Good News - Google Authorship Image Starts Showing Up Again In Serp

Hello everyone, this is quick post, kind of BREAKING News. The news is Google authorship photo starts showing up once again in search results. Exactly 5 months back On 20th December 2013, authors image of many people suddenly stopped showing in search along some of their websites. So, in a post I threw light on three possible reasons that why image of many authors has stopped showing in Google search rich snippets. Then we saw weight in a possibility that this might be happened because of any Google update (like; site-wide Google Authorship Penalty).

But now, I'm pretty damn sure, that creepy thing happened to many bloggers because of any kind of Google update. And exactly, after 5 months, on 21st May 2014, the rich snippets with author photos are back in search results.

Now I have checked on my sites, Google showing it perfectly even on my hardly seven days old site too. To ensure is this back only for me or for all, I checked rich snippets of every buddy who did comment on my previous post. And the good thing is that the author image is showing up in search for all authors.

So, congratulations boys; +Renz Kristofer Cheng+Suresh KP+Muhammad Kamran+Tom Crandall :)

Seriously, I don't have any idea about Google's intentions, when on 20th December 2013 they hide authorships and today when they make authorship visible again for everyone exactly after 5 months. This   is especially for you, Google!

google authorship

Update: Right after 4 days on 24th May 2014, all of author's images have gone hidden once again :3
Looking forward to see What would you like to say how you see or feel this!

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