Friday, 4 April 2014

Bloggeristan's Alexa Dropped and Alexa Got New Design - Congrats

Alexa, a ranking used by many to scale any website's popularity, still in 2014 an important gear to audit any site to estimate its worth either for advertisement purpose like for banner ads or for sponsored posts, even alexa ranking puts big weightage in website flipping, many times. Well this time I guess Bloggeristan is in a way to dominate this ranking system.

Long story short, Bloggeristan has now jumped and joined a 100K Alexa club. As some of you already know that after an absence of more than a year, after rebranding I'm trying to pull some time to restart posting on Bloggeristan by writing especially in blogger niche, SEO and little about internet marketing, but purely based on my own experience. So, just by posting dozen of posts and couple of months today when I go to to check ranking I noticed two different things. The first one is, Bloggeristan's alexa dropped to 80k. According to Alexa, our rank is up 438,814 versus the previous 3 months. 

So, Congrats Everybody, as well the credit goes to every visitor.

bloggeristan alexa

Well the 2nd thing that I observe, is that Alexa is going to release a newer version of their design, very soon. You can check in preview mode start using it right now before its release. Well, despite of cool design, I didn't observe any addition, at least not in Site's overview data.

So What's Next? Well, personally I don't give much importance to Alexa rankings, because I think it is overrated service. But if you are in niche where your site monetization depends on kind of advertisers that give importance to Alexa stats, then you should need to take care of Alexa rankings, and need to follow the tips recommended by many bloggers; like placing Alexa widgets, installing alexa toolbar and suggest visitors to install it too, etc. If the plans will be executed as I planned than, I'm much sure that in the next two months Bloggeristan will cover all the basic guides that can be required by any blogger in any niche from noob to pro. And I hope Alexa will also dropped too, something less than 10K. And Yes, we all will make this possible. Yes I Can - Yes We Can, InshaALLAH!

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  1. You are right, Alexa seems overrated and certainly is unreliable within or below certain thresholds, at least to my knowledge for anything below an 100,000 rank anyway. Being biased towards internet marketers, also I would say, scrapbookers (as an example) will be under- and affiliates overvalued. I only use it as a relative signal, as, e.g., any site that has a rank of 17 million certainly is less frequented than one with 1.7 mn or 170,000. But other than that, you can't tell 500,000 from 300,000 unfortunately.