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How To 301 Redirect Blogger To Blogger Blog - Domain or URL

Get know How to redirect blogger blog to another blogger custom domain or url, SEO friendly. And is it possible to set 301 redirects in blogger to pass link juice. Is redirect will decrease blog traffic?

Probably, you have heard many times by fellows in Blogging industry that Blogger is not for professionals with bigger approach. One of the reason on top of the list is that they claim Blogger is not SEO friendly at all. And I partially agree with all that, because I guess doing SEO in Blogger is little hard but not impossible. And, indeed personally, I have proved my words on many stages by even ranking one page blogspot domains in highly competitive keywords with heavy traffic by outranking even some authorities of that niche. If you are the one with creative mind, and the one who never hesitate to explore and to do experiments and learn from their consequences, then I'm sure you will be the next PRO in SEO in case you are not now :)

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Why to Redirect Blogger Blog To Another Blogger?

There could be many reasons of doing so. For example;
1. You decided to change your blog identity / domain, and bought a new custom domain and set it on blogger, and then want to set redirect to point visitors on new domain instead of old one.
2. Have an intention to merge other blogger blogs content under one domain.
3. To pass link juices / page rank to your new domains to rank well in search engine results either for long term or temporary basis, and can be used to game Google.

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Types of Redirects?

It is necessary to understand about redirects before taking action to avoid any possible loss in  ranking and traffic. There are two most common types of redirects;

1. 301 Redirect:

A 301 redirect is also known as permanent redirect which is used to tell search engines bots that the existing page has been moved to the new location (page url), so that they can shift all the credibility and link juices of an old link to the new link to make sure minimal loss of ranking in serp.

2. 302 Redirect:

302 redirect is a temporary redirect used to tell bots that this page is still exist on its original location but, because of any reason we are redirecting our user temporarily to the new location so kindly do not pass link juice and do not remove our previous page from search results. You can use 302 redirect in case your specific page is under construction or want to introduce your new service to visitors.

Ways to redirect Blogger To Another Blog?

Till now, Blogger has not released any settings for users to make redirects on Domain level. They might be already aware of risks that how massively it can be used by SEO's to manipulate rankings, because normally, setting a domain to domain redirect is quite rare.

Well still there are a total of three possible ways which we can use to redirect traffic from one custom domain to another custom hosted on blogger.

Meta Redirect:

It is one of most common way used for redirection. What it does, by placing in head field, every time when a visitor will come this meta redirect will refresh the page after defined time (a minimum of one second) and then will redirect that visitor to a destination page. As a destination you can set any page, either homepage or any other specific blog post.

How to Use Meta Redirect?

To use meta redirect in blogger blogs, after login to blogger dashboard, go to Template and then to Edit HTML. Now just in the next line after <head> tag in your template paste following piece of code,

<meta content='5;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>
After that simply replace by your desired destination url on which visitors will automatically redirect after five seconds.

Drawbacks of Meta Redirect

Meta redirects are also know as soft redirects. They generally do great job to redirect traffic to the destination url. And if you are thinking that does meta redirect pass link juice? Then the answer is Yes and Not both. By multiple experiments I have observed that Yes they pass little link juice to the destination url but not immediately. Roughly 2 days after the application of meta refresh in head tag Google will start preferring the destination url and will also show in search results instead of the older one, as same happened in 301 redirect. But it is confirmed that meta redirects or javascript redirects are not 301 redirects and nor 302 redirects, and I confirmed it via Google's webmaster section also.

Now in order to pass the link juice too, you need to be little creative. The super secret I'm going to public here which I used to ensure all link juice should pass to the new url is by use of canonical tag. Yeah, it also has been confirmed by many authorities including MOZ that rel="canonical" pass link juice of the same amount as much 301 redirect can pass.

Canonical tag is generally used to avoid duplicate content. For example you have two different blog posts with quite similar or even same content, and you are scared that Google's Panda police can knock your door (LOL) because of duplicate content, but on the other side you also don't want to delete none of the post because both posts content has little different but useful content with referral traffic; like from social networks. In such scenario the only option that left to you is use of rel="canonical tag". By use of canonical Google will pass the link juice of older domain / url to the destination url / blog, and will remove the old domain or blog post from search results. So, think atleast twice before placing a rel="canonical" tag in your head section because once Google deindexed / removed your content from search results, than you know how much it is difficult and time consuming to rank it again.

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To place canonical tag in order to redirect blogger blog to another blogger blog or custom domain or to any other special post, just repeat the process as followed earlier, and from Template > Edit Html > paste the following piece of code below <head>, and then hit save button.

<link href='' rel='canonical'/>

Replace with your desired URL. One thing more, I also observed that Google also don't respond immediately on canonical tags to pass link juices as they in 301 redirects, but atleast it passes the link juice.

Edit 1: In Blogger for cross domain fast redirection you can also use JavaScript method. Just below <head> tag paste the following script.
<script type='text/javascript'>
var d='<data:blog.url/>';
d=d.replace(/.*\/\/[^\/]*/, '');
location.href = '';

Edit 2: I have made some modifications in the JS redirect in 'Edit 1'. Now, this JS will redirect visitors to the same location / path or to same page of new domain. Like, you will be redirected to from
<script type='text/javascript'>
var d='<data:blog.url/>';
d=d.replace(/.*\/\/[^\/]*/, '');
location.href = '' + window.location.pathname;

Redirect, SERP Ranking and Blog Traffic

The most common thing that scare especially blogger users while setting redirects for their domains that, does by placing redirects to another domain I will loose any ranking and traffic? The answer is Yes. Yes, you will loose some ranking and obviously some traffic too, but potentially in a week Google will reinstate your new blog to early position of your older url in search results.

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I'm sure this post will help you redirect your blogger blogs to another domain or any url with all link juices and without loss of any ranking and traffic. Over to You!


  1. Hello
    I want to ask that as i started my blog in 2010 and it have near about 1200 posts can i take a domain name for it and redirect all posts to custom domain . Also for adsense will i have to apply again as i m using hosted adsense.

    my blog >

    Please reply. As i fear that if i use custom domain now i will loose all traffic as well as adsense....

  2. @Abhishek: Thanks for stopping by.. Yes you can take a domain name and can mask it on your blog simply by setting up A and CName records in Domain control panel (Google it for step by step procedure or contact me to grant me access, I will do this for you absolutely for free). After domain masking, Blogger will automatically 301 redirect all your post to their new destination, immediately. Then go to webmaster's section and submit new property and fetch domain with all its direct urls. Google usually take around maximum of 24 hours to make changes in serp by replacing old domain with new url. I personally practice this dozen of times and never observed any significant or may be sometimes even not a single visitor drop in traffic stats / ranking. Though, I couldn't say anything about Bing and Yahoo but, I observed usually they take more than a week to make changes in serp.

    For Adsense, you need to submit request to upgrade as Google hosted Adsense doesn't work on custom domains. I hope this helps you. Over to you boy :)

  3. Awesome tips you provide about redirection of blogger. Very interesting tips you share.
    It is very helpful.

  4. thank for your post, but is there any possible way the formal blog wont show before it redirect to its destination /

  5. @abuturab mumin: I have made an edit by including JS method in above post, please go through it. Thanks

  6. hi syed i have a blogger and my adsense ads suddenly disappear from the blog but it appear on any other blog and i send a lot of message to google but there is no response so i want to redirect it to another blog i use hosted account so the redirect will be to another blogger domain how i do it ??
    can you help me with my ads instead of redirect ?? thnx

  7. @احمد دكتور : your site url is potentially blacklisted / ban by google adsense. It's better to assign a new domain to your blog and apply redirect if you are interested to shift link juice, rankings and traffic to new domain as much as possible.

    References to check either website is banned by Adsense:

    Reach me out using contact page in case interested in further guidance regarding redirects.

  8. اولا شكرا جزبلا بك بالفعل المعلومات التى اخبرتنى بها مهمة جدا جدا وشكرا مرة اخرى لك.
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    والاغرب من ذلك اننى عندما اذهب الى الطعن فى هذا القرار يخبرنى انه لا يوجد اى انتهاك للسياسات فى موقعى

    ولا اعرف ما الذى يجب ان افعله فعلا
    لقد راسلت جوجل اكثر من مرة ولم يتم الرد عليا ابدا ولا اعرف ما الذى يجب ان افعله

  9. Same Condition here Syed.. I have a Blog with Quality Traffic on Insurance Topics blog was General $200+ Per day by Adsense after 6 Month Account was Disabled due to Invalid Click activity that i doesn't did...

    i want to Redirect Traffic to Another Adsense Approved Blog post By post can You Suggest me if I Have Disabled Adsense if i Set a Custom Domain on blog

    And Redirect it to Another adsense Approved blog will it against adsense policies

  10. @Sameera Khadim: Yes, you can use your old adsense or apply for new one (using any other google email) after setting up a custom domain over old banned blogspot url without any risk as long as your content is accordingly to adsense policies.

  11. bro do you have a Javascript code to 301 redirect individual posts also? because i tried the mentioned javascript method but when i open published posts it automatically redirects me to the homepage only....Pls i need a fix for this...and should i ask my domain provider for a redirection too/

  12. ^@anonymous: Please check 'Edit 2' and apply it for page to page redirection. Well, if your domain provider provides a feature of page to page 301 redirect the you should go for it because, JS redirects pass notably very less link juice in comparison to 301 redirects. 2nd thing, if you have or can afford hosting with cPanel feature then let me know, I will help you to setup a 301 redirect using web hosting to make sure no loss in ranking or link juice.

  13. WORST Font ever! I could not read a thing :(

  14. Even i want to change my blog "" to "" but i am scare of losing traffic. I want perfect 301 redirection, can any one help.

    1. is your custom domain hosted hosted on blogger? if so, then it will be a perfect 301 with no loss in traffic and ranking, hopefully.

    2. I did it, Now it is! thank you for guiding and sparing time with me

  15. Hello, very informative post! I moved my blog from to and I lost my search rankings on Google and my daily views have dropped significantly. I still have, but I mainly use it to redirect people with the metatag code I got somewhere. It works but I thought it would redirect traffic and my rankings but it didn't. I was on webmaster trying to use the Change of Address function and it said I needed a 301 redirect that works properly. I would just like to ask, what code do I need to put into my old blog's html so that I can have a 301 redirect?

    And regarding the link juice you mentioned, how does that canonical thing work? Do I post it on my new blog or my old one? What are the codes that I need to put on my old blog to redirect traffic and juice to my new blog?

  16. This will be really helpful to my friend, he wants to start blogging about his fishing but don't want to spend yet and want to start in blogger

  17. Hi, i made a post in spanish, step by step about my redirection in the blog and because i made it with your script i mention this post in my tutorial. if you think that is wrong, please let me know. By the way, thanks a lot, i spend so many hours searching in my language about this theme and i dont search anything useful, so for this i made the tuto.

    1. Hi, thats very kind of you. Wish you good luck and, in case if you need any kind of guidance please do let me know. Many thanks :)

  18. Hi, does your method work for redirecting individual blog pages? Or will it only redirect to the home page?

    1. Yes, for individual blog pages, use the JS code shared in Edit 2.