Monday, 6 January 2014

Blogger Poll Results, Assessment and Resolutions for 2014

Hello everybody, 2014 has just started and via my most recent post I tried to remind one important thing to bloggers. Well, somewhere in mid of December 2013 I opened a poll right in the sidebar with an intend to get suggestions for myself from you folks to get know about your interest. So that I can start writing stuff on that particular topics. The categories (topics) which I mentioned in the poll named as "Which Article Series You Want To See First On Bloggeristan?" were;

  1. Blogging Tricks,
  2. Learn SEO with Backlinks Bonus, and
  3. Make Money Online
blogger poll results

In around the 2-3 weeks only five people submitted their opinions. Means the numbers were quite low even below than my expectations. Moreover, the results make it more difficult for me to guess what actually people want to read. The poll closed on 31st December 2013 with the following results;

  1. Blogging Tricks (2),
  2. Learn SEO with Backlinks Bonus (2), and
  3. Make Money Online (1)

What results I actually drained out of the poll? 

That's a nice question and actually this question also forced me think seriously when I asked it to myself. But soon I end up with some positive points.

The first thing I determined responsible for low number of votes cast on the poll despite the fact that now a days is getting around 30-100+ visits per day with an average of 1.6 pageviews per visit and an average time of three minutes on page, is the lack of Bloggeristan's regular readers. In short the answer for Why this blog is failed to get regular readers is the pattern or a posting frequency. And the second reason of that is the lack of posts on my blog.

In more than 2 years I posted around 60 blog posts and almost half of them were posted in 2012. And that's the time when blog was also on its peak with around 600+ daily visits and around 3k+ fans on social networking sites. Now many of the old posts have been outdated and expired to get traffic from search engines. Because now the blogging industry has grown and various technologies and strategies have been introduced and many got killed by Google or either by time. So why somebody will visit a blog daily where the content is outdated and the blog is not producing fresh content?

In spite of considerable efforts sadly I have been neglecting this blog again and again and feels unable to pull some time to put all creative ideas and other wealth as blog posts that worked in my case and will work for others too for sure if executed well. Now I have decided to try my best to welcome You with new and useful content every day and to add some more zeros after 30-100 visits per day, and that's my 2014's resolution for this blog.

As far as poll results are concerned, I have planned to write content in all three categories. May be in future I will reopen the poll to get your suggestions on any specific topic and I hope next time you will not make me disappoint. Well you folks are always most welcome to submit your questions and feedback via contact us page. Many thanks for stopped by! :)

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