Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Reminder For Bloggers To Update Copyrights

According to Gregorian calendar the 365 days of the year 2013 has just ended. The Gregorian calendar, also known as civil calendar is not an authentic calendar but after getting votes in favor from UN and many other international organizations has gave it an unofficial global standard to date events. Currently it is being used worldwide to measure durations in many fields. For example like many others I'm also using it too as an year to show my exclusive rights on the content available on my blog for specific time.

copyrights 2014

Using All rights reserved or CC (Creative Common license) line in blog's footer is a quite common practice used to give a clear cut notice to all of the visitors to make them aware that I'm the actual owner of all the content; concepts, graphics, text, scripts, etc., everything that is available on blog. If any content curator wished to use something from your site then at-least he must need to give a link back (as dofollow) to the respective owners. Otherwise, if you caught someone who breached your Copyrights by reproducing or selling your content then you reserved the rights to sue him/her or file a DMCA takedown notice. You can read a useful post written by Roni Loren based on her own experience to make all bloggers aware to make habit to give credits to all the stuff you used that you actually don't own.

The purpose behind this post is to let you remind that 2014 has just started, and as a blogger kindly update the year to 2014 in copyrights section of your blog. Because I have found many sites and blogs which are still using 2013 and even some of them are still living in 2012 :D

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For newbies who are using readymade blogger templates and don't know how to customize copyrights. Please first copy few words from your blog's copyright section, for example "Copyright © 2013". Then go to blog >> template >> edit html and after making search for copied keywords via Ctrl+f replace 2013 with 2014 and hit on save button. That's it. In case you can not find copyrights in edit html section then probably your template designer has escaped copyrights to make it difficult for folks to remove designer credits. In such case after finding the responsible piece of script you may need to decode it via any online tool for specific purpose or its recommended to contact your template designer to get the right solution.


  1. Thanks so much for this informative blog post Syed Shah. I have not added my but will do so now. Thanks once more!

  2. @Aki, I glad you liked it, and thank you for taking time to comment.. :)