Monday, 23 December 2013

What Is Reddit And How To Verify Email Address

What is Reddit? If you will ask this question from a layman he will answer you hmm.. Reddit is the Cover page of internet. Wow! OK that's good. Any more information about Reddit? Oh Yes, actually it is a social network run by its users where they usually submit the most trending content from different sources under related categories (subreddits). One more thing is that people love Reddit because it gives more freedom to share or talk about anything they want anonymously. Well If you ask me as a Blogger please Syed Shah tell me what is Reddit. Then I will surely define Reddit as a tank that can drum up blog or website with traffic. But this can be cracked only if you think in a different and in an unusual way. Because I'm Damn sure that's not a cup of tea for so-called bloggers those write ghost articles on their blogs to drive massive traffic from reddit and actually their stories were already ended by Reddit after getting ban their accounts or in more worst cases they end up after losing their IP addresses or even sometimes websites too. And this mostly happen when Reddit caught them red handed in cheating. So as always Content is King, you just need to discover a legit way to serve it in front of audience.

Long story short I hope you gotta taste what actually Reddit is and, how people become so mad to crack that traffic tank. As that's the introductory post about Reddit which I planned to tell you actually what is Reddit and as a blogger how you can kick start your journey in a more legal and safer way. As unintentionally I have made much big hype of it so, now decided to perform a quick little fresh practical right now for my website to show off some results here. Check out the following screenshot from Google Analytics:

reddit massive traffic

To make account just go to and click on login or register link probably appears on top right of screen in desktop. The good is that the signup process is so simple because Reddit don't show any interest in getting your data (you can read more details about Reddit's privacy policy for your assistance). You just need a suitable and easy to remember username and password, skip email option (if you are not much interested to keep your account in run for long time) and fill up captcha and then hit on create account button for immediate creation.

In case you want to be a regular user to participate in discussions, interested to make friends and build reputation (link karma and comment karma) and so on then it's recommended to verify Reddit account via email address. As an advantage a verified email user got a verified email badge in his profile's trophy case that differentiate him from spammers and other users, mods and Reddit itself give more importance to content from verified user.

reddit verified email account

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To verify your email address just go to this link . Put your current password and email ID in respective fields and click on send verification email button. Probably after a minute or two check your inbox or junk box to find email from Reddit. Open that email that will contain your username and verification link. Visit that link to instantly verify your email address. Now visit your profile for confirmation you will surely see a verified email badge there in trophies section.

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