Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Total Google Adsense Ads Per Page Limit Changed?

It comes to my notice via some friend that AdSense has silently changed the limits of total AdSense ads per page (not sure about its authenticity). Before then that normal Adsense Publishers are allowed to put a maximum of 8 adverts per page. The distribution of adverts allowed to display per page was something like following,

3 Ad Units (rectangles, banners, verticals, etc.) + 3 Link Units + 2 Search Boxes

Total Adsense ad units per page

The exceeded number of Adsense ad units will not display and will show a blank space. In certain cases for example an AdSense Premium Publisher (like, with other bunch of benefits they are allowed to monetize each page with more than 3 units.

There are some common privileges that relates to number of Ad units, for example Adsense ad units usually give more CPC and CTR in comparison to link units and search boxes, Ad units more than 3 helps to monetize large web pages in a better way, and the next most important benefit that publisher can get rid of low paying advertising networks and can improve revenue by replacing them with Adsense ad units.

So, now the question is what changes I have observed ?
As I get informed that Google AdSense (GA) has made some changes to display maximum number of adverts per page for normal publisher I decided to play with number of AdSense units on one of my blog to test and configure what changes has been made by GA. The test outcome confirmed the news.

How Many Adsense Ads Per Page Are Allowed?

After recent changes now a publisher can place more than 3 Adsense for Content units. Now publisher is allowed to place up to 6 Ad units (rectangles, banners, verticals, etc.) per page. Thats awesome! Doesn't it thrill you? :D

The other findings which I observed that with 6 Ad units you may not show any link unit per page. You may need to decrease the number of Ad units to show Link units.

For example to show 2 Link units on web page you are allowed to put maximum of 4 Ad units on that web page.

However you may not be allowed to show more than 3 Link units per page as a normal AdSense Publisher.

Ok! Shall I Go And Fill My Web Page With Adsense Ad Units?

Look at my blog at the moment I even have not placed a single code of any advertiser. But if you are gonna make your web page a fish market, before doing so first make sure that your web page should have sufficient actual content to justify the number of ad units. And the second thing you should make sure that the content and ads both will be easily recognizable as content and ads, respectively.

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Currently, these changes and test are only noticed and performed by me and even Yet are not officially announced by Google AdSense. So I would like to recommend you to do not place ad units more than 3 on a web page. And I also would like to invite AdSense officials to pass statement on this change of ads limits per page before any folk by mistake make any possible violation of AdSense policies.

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  1. Great News, Thanks for sharing, I think it will double the CTR.

  2. Is this real? I never got any email notice from Adsense team to tell me so.
    Where can I find a link to official Adsense blog that says that?

  3. @Junaid Akbar Khan: Yup, may be...

    @mike BIkerton: I'm not sure but this seems real to me, b/c its working till now. And same like You I didn't received any email. I also tried to contact officials but they didn't replied yet nor made any announcement officially on any of their platform. (Adsense official blog link

  4. Wow! this is nice thanks for this info It will be helpful.

  5. Yes, its true and we can place more ad units now on, but I am totally confused why there is no official update by adsense and no update by some big seo blogs. It confuses me, whether to use or not to use.
    Whats your thinking, should I use it now???

  6. @Aki, Many thanks :)

    @Daniel, sincerely saying, I will never recommend you or anybody to use it until you don't have an extra account for experiment (that's Rare). Best practice is to repeat the same question in Google AdSense Forums.

  7. I tried it on my site and this did not work.

  8. Thanks bro.. I am now running more than 6 ads unit in my blog but all ads displayed correctly. Just check this out: Talk N Text Promos.

  9. I'm using Blogger. How do I know adjust my adsense gadgets to find out whether they are ad units or link units?

  10. @london lifestyle: No problem at all. Just look carefully in list before adding any kind of unit. For your ease I'm attaching screenshot: [im][/im]

  11. Thanx! Didn't know this lol, it works on Blogger :

  12. can i configure 1 300 * 600 ad
    3 link ads (2 link boxes and 1 horizontal link line)
    2 468*60 ads
    like on this page link below :
    will it comply with the adsense programme?

  13. I think one needs to be very careful when dealing with Adsense else one stands the risk of losing their account.Thanks for the information.

  14. Still not sure how many ads can we place on a page.

  15. Is this true? I've never heard of it and I never received any letter from them but I've seen some sites doing this like which has 6 units. They are popular they rank at 300 above.

  16. This is total rubbish.

    The policies have not changed, and anyone attempting to put more than 3 ad units on a page will likely lose their AdSense account.

    You are only allowed to have a maximum of 3 content ad units + 3 link units + 2 search boxes on a page. In addition, only one of the content units can be of the larger sizes e.g. 300x600 or 970x250 etc.

    Stop spreading mis-information.

  17. @anonymous: I respect your opinion. But, if you read the post and all the comments above thoroughly it is clear, this post is neither rubbish nor mis-information it is just a kind of news and a thread of open discussion about what me and others has observed. btw in post above i already repeated several times that do not apply ad units more than what adsense has said.

  18. I've been running 5 dsiplay ads on several of our sites for about 6 months now. It's not rubbish. We're a pretty good size company, but definitely do not have Mashable type traffic. A bit over 1 Mil PV's a month. Would love to know what others think.

  19. thanks admin.. i am following these guidelines for my sites...

  20. Adsense HAS NOT changed the ad limit per page. As it always has been, publishers are allowed a MAXIMUM of 3 ad units per page. IF you doubt this, then I suggest you read their updated policies. The only place you can be sure of what a policy says is from the help center. Placing more than 3 adsense ad units can get your account disabled. Just because you get away with it for a while doesn't mean you won't get caught at some point.

    Ad limit per page

    Currently, on each page AdSense publishers may place:

    Up to three AdSense for content units
    Up to three link units

    Note that link units are not "ad units". They are entirely different.

    1. Though, this post is almost 22 months old and yet seemed to be a grey area. But its good to know that someone from Adsense TC finally came and joined the conversation to make things clear. I thank you Gracey for participating, bringing your opinion and for reminding adsense policies regarding maximum ad units per page.

      Gracey is a senior member and Top Contributor in Google Adsense Help Forum with 1k+ best marked answers. So everyone reading this should become more clear and careful from now on. Thank you.

  21. Thanks for the codes. I was searching for the side by side and your site popped up in G search. :) Appreciate this article as well. It's been years since I used Adsense and I only recently heard you could have more ad units.