Sunday, 24 November 2013

Google AdSense Payment In Progress And Issued Email

I'm sure about the last ten days of the next month for AdSense Publishers are one of the most awaiting, favorite and obviously the most exciting one too once your finalized earnings in AdSense crossed the minimum threshold and payment is ready to being sent out to you. Any time after 21st of the payable month you will get a status of Payment in Progess under payment section. 

Google AdSense Payment In Progress And Issued Email

What is Payment in Progress (PIP)?

PIP is an alert to let you know that the Google AdSense has just started a process to issue you a payment.

Interestingly this time (in November 2013) Google AdSense also organized an email notifications service for PIP's. But as these notifications are send first time by an email so some folks get confused by its wording. Following is the body of an actual AdSense email.

You've been issued a payment from Google AdSense

Please note that we've recently issued a payment to you for your Google AdSense earnings on 22-Nov-2013. Your payment has been sent and should be arriving shortly. For more information, please log in to your account and visit your Payment summary page. You may also be able to find a reference number there to track or pick up your payment. 

Yours sincerely,

The Google AdSense Team
Your Google AdSense ID: XXX5324XXX 
Your Billing ID: XXXX-3522-XXXX 

The words issued a payment in an email's title and body are actually confusing AdSense publishers. Because when they go to their AdSense account > Payment History they did not find payment issued status or any reference number, and other details to receive payment.

Payment Issued

So if you have a question that When I will get my Google AdSense Payment after PIP? According to my experience it usually takes a maximum of 3 business days. Well this time it hardly took a day to issued a payment. Once the payment will issued you will see a change in payment status to Payment Issued (PI) from Payment in Progress.

Now once the payment status changed to PI you can also find details like MTCN number etc from payments history section. BTW the time to receive payment depends on your Selective form of payment; Standard / Secure Delivery Checks,  EFT payments, and Western Union Quick Cash. Yet I have not experienced any other payment method except Western Union so I can't say exactly how much will it take to  receive payments because it varies bank to bank and location to location. For western union it hardly take a day after payment issued.
In Pakistan AdSense Issued payments on 23rd november 2013 so, if your payment method is western union then you can pick your earnings any time from today from any nearby local WU agent or from any bank where WU service is avaialble.

Now, let me know via comments if you have any questions regarding this topic Google AdSense Payment In Progress And Issued Email or facing any problems to pickup payments from western union or etc. as most of publishers faced couple of months ago.


  1. Automatic payment: Western Union. Status: Issued

    Is that mean that the payment already paid or not ?!!

    1. It means, the payment has been released from Google Adsense but, haven't received by you. Status will change to Paid when you will receive it.