Sunday, 19 August 2012

What is Blogger and is Only Way to Make Money Online?

The purpose of selecting topic what is Blogger and is blogging is the only way to make money online? Is to provide awareness, and to give answers to my sweet fans, friends and blog followers and readers and to those who sent me mails and messages that they are newbie’s and want to earn money from blogging..Please guide me. Thanks. This is one of the simplest question but the answer of it is little complicated and need your attention, focus and concentration to understand. Now read this post carefully, so that I hope in the end of it you will be able to extract your answer.

What is Blogger?

With time to time, peoples of all over the are moving forward and transforming world into a Hi-Tech World. And also moving towards non-conventional jobs and ways to earn money for better livings buy leaving traditional methods. The presence of Internet Social media networks like, YouTube, twitter, etc, etc. play major roles in attracting people of all over the world by providing them different platforms for different activities. So, when business community and professionals saw a huge crowd busy in fun and enjoyment, so then they start thinking about to shift their businesses to eWorld. But they didn’t found any method to start their ebusiness and companies. At that time the only single group of people move up to explore the ways to guide people that how you can shift your stuff on internet world, how you can spread your knowledge, how you can entertain people, how you can share news and updates, how you can earn money through internet, they give and giving all this information with tutorials examples and experimentally and today this group is known as Bloggers. So, now I can hope that you will understand what is Blogger or Blogging and what their job is.

Bloggers are like Teachers, they give/spread awareness/knowledge, they share updates and News, sometime they are Entrepreneurs, webmasters, teachers, guiders, etc. And the source which they normally use to convey their skills, messages is Text. Means blogging is all about game of use of words; their arrangements and placements. They have full control on their topics; simply they are the masters of their fields. Bloggers know much better way to entertain and interact with world.

Is Blogging is the Easiest Way to Make Earn Money Online from Home?

The answer of the question is in NO. What I observe is blogging is one of the difficult ways. They are a lot of easy ways available on internet. I can tell you some Blogger Alternative ways to make money online. Like by: 
  • Working on eBay
  • Working on Get Paid to Websites like Paid Surveys, PTC, etc.
  • Making websites or as a developer
  • Through Videos
  • Micro Jobs, etc.

There are so many ways which you will read in other post named as Blogger Alternatives (Link will be sooner activate above in this post. Except writing skills and well knowledge in your niche you must need to be good in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Vlogging, graphics, web designing, social media marketing, etc. You must also need a lot of Patience to make dollars, because there is a lot of competition in this business. Everyday thousands of blogs are builds on similar niche but hardly 5-10% only grows up. So, hard working and great information is must with patience to survive and to rise up and to get space in first five results of search page.

My purpose is not to disheartens you from blogging. And there is no doubt that it is a good field and there are so many people who are make their living. I was just trying to clarify that, if you have those skills which I mentioned above then most welcome. But if you don’t have these guts, and you join internet to earn money quickly, then blogging is not suitable and its output is very slow in comparison to other ways like through websites, freelancing, Paid get to websites, etc.

Now, I hope that now you mates got or now able to get your answer. If you still have any trouble, don’t hesitate just tell us in comments or add me in your friends list and send me mail. And don’t forget to leave your feedback and try to share this post with your friends may it will also beneficial for them. Don’t worry, be cool, and be happy and best of Luck! :)


  1. My wife has been interested in starting a blog. I wasn't really sure if it was at all possible to make any money on blogging. Really helpful explanation. Thank you.

  2. This was really great post. I have been going back and forth about actually starting a blog or not. You have a really honest and realistic view of what to expect. Thanks

  3. I do ebay and make a pretty fair amount of extra income but have been looking for some other alternatives. I have heard both sides where blogging is involved. SOme people swear you can make a fortune and others say it is a waste of time. Interesting not think blogging is for me.

  4. I just recently started a blog and I think I like the idea of making a little money from it. I still have a lot to learn but we'll see.

  5. Blogger are the people that write and post ideas, experiences and knowledge about something they are expert with. They use a number of blogging platform and they are of great help to those who are searching of new info about a product and services.

  6. Blogging is not just writing. It can include images, audio, video, slideshows, ebooks, and all other manner of what we call “embedded media.

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