Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Motivational Real Journey of Make Money Online of Pro Blogger from Pro Gamer

Are you still looking for ways to earn money through internet? I can feel that moment because I suffered such ugliest moments when you have time or you want to earn though any reliable and respectable source to fulfill your necessities but things don't work as you have heard by so-called web entrepreneurs. I remember that moment almost about 2 years ago. When playing games computer and physical games are one of my first priorities and I spend almost my all weekend in watching TV (Mostly UFC, Basket Ball and News) and playing computer games specially GTA and Counter Strike. And Alhamdulillah at that time as today my Parents and my whole family supports me and providing me each and every facility which I want and I have no need to earn money and literally I never think about it seriously.

One day when I was playing Counter Strike on LAN, someone tell me that he earned $100 from internet. At that moment I was just amazed, and said him “b***h are you serious…”, and literally I give him a lot of respect from heart core. Because I even don’t know the ABCD of blogging, or ways of online earning. And that guy earned $100 in a month, means if you convert that amount in local currency, that was too much for any youngster/gamer or a student like me. But, at that time I didn't take it seriously and forgot about his story. But after few days one of my university friends met in cafeteria, he starts telling me about his online business. He told me that he was earning through internet without any effort on daily basis. According to him he work only hardly 1 hour a day and was making $2-3. “Are you Crazy!!!?” Basically that was the second time when I amazed after hearing about story of to make money online. Later when I understand the purpose of that guy is to add me in his team as a referral and the funny thing is that he was Newbie in online business and don’t know exactly how to get success. But at that time I was start thinking that what is bad in it to earn 2-3 bucks daily from internet by spending only 1 hour in clicking ads (Advertisements). Yes, now I think you Pals got it. Yes, then I join PTC (paid to click Business). I want to feel the charm of money (I don’t care about its amount even that it was in cents) which was earned by my own hands and to surprise my friends that see I earned these bucks from internet. But later I realized that it’s not easy as its look and heard; even it is very difficult to earn a single cent form PTC. The reason is that there is a lot of scam and fraud. And only professionals with better strategies, tools, experienced one with some investment, means only big Crocodiles can only survive there.

This is the big interesting story but I don’t want to waste your precious time. In short I almost spend 5 months and at least 6 hours a day to understand PTC business and also earned some bucks. But in last when I got gripped on this online money making business I left it because I want to use my skills, I was an engineering student and there is no creativeness in PTC, no similarity. Simply I want to utilize my education or want to work in such field which I can show to world with fame that YES THIS IS MY BUSINESS, and also I found PTC as lil unethical way of earning.

So, once again I’m on search engines like Google with most trending keywords; how to earn money from internet or what are the ways to earn money. So, after 15-20 days of hard browsing I found blogging as a good source and way to make some dollars online. Where you will exactly earn the same amount as much you invest your efforts. You are your own boss, and in blogging you can choose any topic/niche to write on it and there is no limit of earning money. So, the first blog which I created is on UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship; I love this game, and watch regularly each and every single moment and clip which I either found on TV or on YouTube, internet). The purpose of telling about my blog is to tell you that if you looking for start blog then go for that one on which you can write a lot. And the second blog which I created is on engineering.

In staring of blogging journey you need too much focus and I did same. Even just removing navbar from BlogSpot blog template (blogger.com) I spend at least 1-2 days. Means I spend a lot of time in learning blogging including creating websites, tools, SEO, etc, etc. So, after few months I stop posting articles on above mentioned blogs and make some more blogs which MASHA-ALLAH give me and still giving me a great business. Currently I’m working on two blogs; one is on Latest Technology, as an engineering student I love to write and share updates of tech world. And the second other blog which I want to grow up is Pro Bloggers Tricks Bloggeristan, which you friends are reading now. The purpose of this blog is to share the ideas, tricks and my experiences which I got and observed in this field of blogging and to share all updates with you, to spread  awareness and to make you guys able to generate some handsome income (money) from internet in a respectable manner.

This is the compressed summary of my journey (which is ALHAMDULILLAH still in progress) of moving towards Pro Blogger from Pro Gamer. You can join my team of thousands of Fans, Friends and blog Followers on different social Platforms and can also subscribe to get updates directly into your mail box free of cost by simply submitting your email address. Here, 1 answer of a question asked by so many buddies in emails that why you still using free domains on your some blogs. Answer is simple that, when I start blogging I took promised myself that I try my best not to invest a single penny in internet business from my pocket. So, I invest only that money on that blog which make it. And believe me, this strategy works well.

Edit: Alhamdullillah Now I'm the owner of more than dozen of blogs and websites :)

So, hopefully this little story or blogging journey encourages you, and work as inspirational, motivational or as catalyst. My best wishes are always with you. Peace and Blessings Buddies. Be Happy.


  1. Beautiful journey. Mine is same as yours. Still struggling and learning. No doubt that blogging is the best way to earn handsome income from it.
    Best of luck for your journey.
    Peace and Blessings

  2. wow bro really inspirational article , Especially for me, as i was a gamer and now i started blogging, awesome man !

  3. nice story. it is difficult to make money online whether you choose ptc site or any other method. you must be consistent and determent to get success

  4. @Usama: Thanks budy and Nice to hear about this similarity..:). Keep it up...
    @salman: Thanks for liking...And Best of Luck buddy...
    @Guppu: Thanks, and Yes i agrred with u that consistent and determent are the key of success either in blogging or any other business.

  5. Great article bro! I'm impressed at your work at making money online!

  6. You can make money, if your content is good. remember quality = users

  7. Its my story too wasted my all time playing counter-strike and now working online. =D Still I miss playing cs :=/

    Great Article - Keep it Up :)

  8. Blogging has turned from a part time activity into a multimillion dollar a year business for some people. Through blogs you are able to capture your target audience and advertise products that they would be interested in.

  9. very great article. making money online and have some fun. good work man. thanku

  10. Great work, I want to say thanks to you for this awesome post..Readers will definitely get some useful knowledge to get money online. :)