Thursday, 21 June 2012

How To Get More Comment on Blog Posts by 30 ways -1

As we know that bloggers and webmasters are eager of getting someone’s reviews on their blog content either in form thumbs up, rating, like, sharing, and the best one is by comments. Comments are also a way of interaction also with your follower’s bloggers, building community, etc. Now the question comes up how to increase or get more comments on your blog posts. So, let me tell you how to make it possible by following 30 tips and tricks.

1. Content is King:
Content is a basic thing for blog, so always focus on both quantity and quality of your blog/website content. Here the word quality means that the content of your article should be SEO friendly (it will help to get more visitors from search engine), full of unique informative and with charm that reader will compelled to give you praise.

2. Archives Interlinking:
As a blogger we focus on upcoming posts and forget about the previous old posts that we publish on weeks, months or years ago. This is the biggest mistake, because majority of visitors are new, and not know about blog archive. So, my suggestion is that use anchor text in your articles to interlink your old post and literally this will take no time as we thinking and this will not only helps your visitors to read related stuff and also an increase in pageviews and have chances to get more comments on older posts. Also with time ReTweet and share them on social sharing page with your fans.

3. Go For Vacations:
Ha-ha, now I am sure that few of you thinking that I am screwed because go for a weekend means destroying post frequency but let me clear you that stop posting articles is one of the key of getting more comments. How? The answer is simple, your absence never gives effect on new visitors but it helps to bound regular visitors with your blog for long time and their comments. Because, reading and giving comments on your each post my make them tired after some time and increase chances that they leave reading or posting comments on your blog pots. So, it is necessary to give them a rest and it is only possible when you pause working on blog posting almost for a week or more. And then after coming back to your work, your regular readers welcome you back with warm wishes, open arms and lots of questions in form of valuable comments.

4. Accept guest Posts:
Accepting guest posts for your blog is one of the best proven way of increase comments on blogs post or website. The reason behind it is that when your readers found a new author with new ideas of posting, sharing his thoughts will act as a force and they welcome this new member with open hearts which exposed in form of new comments. And every blogger must have his group of followers either small or large, so when they found their GURU is on a new place, they also comes to see it and read it and helps to increase your blog traffic, regular visitors.

5. Go for Guest Posting:
Submitting your articles on other blogs as a guest author will helps to promote your blog, increase your blogger community, getting backlinks and friendlier for SEO (search engine optimization). This tip also helps you to get more comments and traffic on your blog/website but slowly. Keep one thing in mind that always submit it on popular, high traffic with page rank blogs, must be above PR+2.

6. Change Media
The change media means that with text content, try some different options for communication with visitors like images, info graphics, video, audio, etc by using some animations to explain your point. These advancements can creates a difference between your blog and in someone others, and your visitors and readers will feel proud to be a part of it by leaving comments.

7. Comment Box Appearance:
If you are using blogger default comment box, then I will recommend you to change it or use your custom one or modify comment box. Change its color, appearance, size, shape, make different between comments by author and readers with respect to the matching of your blog/website. It causes to increase reliability that they are at right place that the founder and admin of this website knows something about HTML/Javascript or CSS etc. and knows how to play with bloggers template or Wordpress themes.

8. Allow Everybody:
Make ensure your blog comments setting that every visitor can share his views easily. So, if you are using blogger then go to Dashboard > Settings > Post and Comments > Hit check on Anyone-include Anonymous users, and in last hit save.

9. Allow Spamming:
According to my observation 70-80% of commentators like to leave their websites IRL’s as backlinks in comments section. So, I recommend you to allow them to spam. It is harmaful for your blog, and comments you got are not much valuable and also can give bad effect on blog SEO but can increase numbers. But make sure that use nofollow command for comments, by using it Bots will not follow the URL’s in comments and your blog SEO will not be affected. The best thing is use of CommentLuv, it is available for both blogger and Wordpress blogs. CommentLuv have all facilities which I discuss above in this tip like, nofollow command, attractive, automatic sharing of commentators post links, etc.

10. Social Sharing:
If your blog visitors found any article which you wrote interesting and unique. They always love to share it with their friends. So provide them easy sharing option below each post or you can also use it near title of post. For this purpose there are a lot of widgets available on internet. You can also use own custom social sharing widget or ones. This trick is not so much effective in sense of getting more comment but it will surely give your blog more hits and readers.

Now, I think these 10 tips will surely help you to increase comments on your blog posts, but wait as I said above I have 30 tips to getting more comments on blog, so wait for our next part of it to boost your comments. So, now it’s your time to apply these tips on your blog and tell us how much you find this post helpful. Best of Luck!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this I have a few questions I know that guest posting is a great idea but I no idea how to get started.I have a blog on blogger and I want to change the look of comment box but I have no idea how.

  2. guest blogging and social sharing are the 2 ways that have worked wonders for me in the past and I continue to use them on a regular basis…

  3. @premar16 and Enneaqram: thanks for liking this post. The next part 2 is also to increase number of comments on your blog i recommend yo to also read Part 2

  4. Thank for this 10 tips, very useful in my blogging, my favorite is number 3 :)

  5. Thx... great article
    I am gonna apply this now. and hope that it is works for me

  6. @niceday: yeah..3rd one is interesting...
    @andi: Most welcome n Best of Luck..:D

  7. i also always find the way to make people comments on every my post

  8. Going to be starting a blog soon for my new job and this was more than helpful.

  9. This is wonderful. I am not quite familiar with the internet, but I beleive that what I just read is some good material. Thanks for continuing to write such wonderful articles. God bless.

  10. Thanks for all the tips.I love to read your blogs i myself started blogging some 3 months back and I got 2500 views yet only few comments I guess number of visitors is fine but definitely I need to use some tricks to make them leave some comments.
    I am blogging on very sensitive issues every time i post I freeze with fear.Is there any way I can hide my IP address?Please answer me in detail.THANKS

  11. @khizra khan: check you inbox...thanks

  12. Comments help keep your blog alive and give you a satisfying feeling as well. It is always nice to receive comments, especially if it they are positive ones. It's an indication that people are interested and that they care to share their thoughts about your ideas.

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  14. This is a wonderful post in the case that it just gives best explanations to sticky issues such as blogging. This is a new proof to let me argue that it's not always by providing too much security tips that your blog may offer you more traffics. The more you socialize it the better it will be