Friday, 15 June 2012

How to Create Plan for Managing Blogging Time

successful blogging time management planningThe one of the major issue which all bloggers face is lack of time, and then they percepts the value of time that how it is important. And in result of shortage of time will cause to postpone their tasks, and then either it becomes their habit or headache that how to overcome this problem because in an era of technology wasting of time can destroy the entire blogging carrier.

Importance of Managing Time:

There are only and only benefits of managing time, and there is no harm in it. It gives same effect as all, it doesn’t matter in which field are you, but as a blogger you must have to control over it. Because the more time you spent in blogging the more you got result, it is just like an investment which gives you the satisfactory outcome in form of success, Money and Fame. Managing time is just like an art; the more you practice the more you become smart and expert.

Blogging Needs Planning:

Now, to become a master in you field, you need to create a method or procedure for doing something. Keep in mind that planning does not depends on time, means not fix any specific time for it, because in my opinion it is totally based on ideas. So whenever an idea pop-up’s in your mind, don’t waste time and just take a pen or pencil and write in at any place. And keep in mind that for an effectiv4e planning you must have to cut yourself from friends and social activities at least for few hours to few days. It helps to drag your mind and thinking in a single direction and you can give more focus to blogging, earning or any other job. You can make plan either for a day to month to year. It totally depends on you that how much seriously you taking your job. But I recommended you to make your plan at least for 1 week. It safe your time and have more chances to be successful.

And don’t forget to create backups of your plan like Plan B, C and so on. For an effective planning you must have to leave your leisure time activities and try to utilize it. Because no case of complete lapse of plan A you have an chance to move to other one without wasting of time. And to be save from fall always remember to allow unexpected kind of obstacles .In this case an effective to-do-list helps much.

While planning also remember not to eliminate all of your extra circular activities, like friends, watching TV, playing games, etc. Only use internet for work specially make distance form facebook :D, just give them their necessary time, because these activities helps to give some relaxation to mind and prepare you to start working on your blog with more concentration.

In Last, the juice is just make your plan simple, that you can easily follow it (more 90%) and not postponing task to another’s day. Tells us how much you found helpful this post in aspect of blogging, and also your views. Thanks

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