Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How To Add a YouTube Subscription Widget in Blogger/Wordpress

Video blogging is one of the rising trends in blogging, there because it is a new advanced way for communication with more convenience. And one of the best platforms for video blogging is www.Youtube.com. There are so many benefits hide behind it, like YouTube is now owned by Google, so video bloggers prefer it, because there stuff is easily be indexed by Google bots, and also have good appearance in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). There are also multiple of benefits of using YouTube.com as a platform for uploading videos like you can easily promote your business and the main thing if you get approval of partnership program then this will open a new doors for to earn money.

So, as FaceBook fan page, you can also promote your YouTube channel, and recently they introduce their Widget, which is based on simple HTML/JavaScript code. What you all have to do for embedding widget is to just copy and paste a script into your required place.

Let’s first take a look how YouTube Subscribe Widget looks like.

There you can see that, there is simple a transparent rectangular Box, in which on right side your profile picture is visible, and on left top your username and below it your number of uploaded videos on YouTube with number of Subscribers. And the main thing is SUBSCRIBE buttons, which is appears in left bottom of widget. This buttons helps you to get more YouTube Subscribers by just single click.

Steps For Embedding YouTube Subscription Widget

Now, let’s move to point that how to embed youtube Subscribe widget in blogger or Wordpress.

<h2 class="title">Youtube Subscription</h2>
<center><!--YouTube Subscribe Gadget www.probloggerstricks.blogspot.com--><iframe src=http://www.youtube.com/subscribe_widget?p=earnbloggeradsense style="overflow: hidden; height: 130px; width: 260px; border: 0;" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe></center>

For Blogger first Copy HTML/JavaScript code and go to Blogger dashboard, then move to your Blog Board then go to Layout and Add a Gadget and after scrolling down open a HTML/JavaScript and paste it. And in last hit Save Arrangement and view your blog.

For Wordpress Website simply copy code and go to Appearance then Widgets and then to Ass the code to a text widget, and you are done.

 Changes which you need before Copy Paste are:
1. You can replace your required text with YouTube Subscription
2. Replace your username with EarnBloggerAdsense
3. Can change the height and width by editing 130px and 260px, respectively.

Hope, now its working for you. if you have any problems then kindly share with us in comments. Thanks


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