Saturday, 2 June 2012

How Google Adsense Detects and Monitor Invalid Clicks Activity on Ads?

To get more clicks in order to earn more from Google Adsense, sometimes we try to cheat most popular ad service, and sometime majority of people get banned or end up by termination of their accounts sooner or later. So according to me and facts it is so hard to cheat Adsense, because they are much more efficient then your thinking. So now the question comes up how can they do that? To monitor invalid activity or valid activity on your ads Google uses almost 7 basic ways:

It is defined as a ratio of total number of clicks you got on ads and total number of page impression you received. Adsense also monitor your CTR. The CTR of any blog or website usually falls in range of 0.5 – 10%. So increase in CTR is sign of unusual activity on ads and it will be quickly comes in notice of Google and it tags such clicks as invalid clicks.
how does google adsense monitor clicks for invalid clicks
Physical Location:
Tracing anybody’s location on internet is not any problem mainly for Google. They have advanced software’s and programs by which they can easily trace anybody’s location. They keep noticing every single visitor and traffic data with clicks and history. So if you are thinking to make clicks on your own ads by using different IP’s from different locations like from internet cafĂ©’s doesn’t help you and can cause to increase a chance that your account will flag soon by authorities.

IP Address:
Another major source of detection of invalid clicks is by checking of Internet Protocol (IP) address. Google always keep record of your IP address of your computer when you are login to your account to update and check statistics of your site. So, if Adsense ad receives clicks from the same IP address which you are also using to handle your account then action will quickly be taken against you, either in the form of permanent banned or send warning mail to you.

Internet Cookies:
Whenever you use internet and login to your account Google creates a cookie (having information about your history, clicks and other stuff like that) and save it in your computer. Some people change their IP address or use such an internet connection that every time they connect or disconnect their IP address changes automatically, but it doesn’t matter because Google uses these cookies which are saved in your computer to monitor and detect any type your activity.

Click Pattern:
Click pattern are further more classified in three types;

In first type of Click Pattern if someone click on your ads (either you or anybody else) and just run away means follow the rule of HIT and Run, and not spend time on advertisement after clicking then this type of clicks are count in suspicious clicking, sometimes you got paid or sometimes they tag as invalid clicks.

In type 2, when you hits your own ads then surely you only hits I your once but Google notice it, why the person is only interested in clicking ads of only this site, why not on others.

And in the last type of Click Pattern, Adsense also detects click bombing or invalid clicks as they notice that why he/she enters directly URL in box or click on Bookmarked page to reach this website instead from search engine by using different keywords and took interest in clicking ads.

Search Engine Ranking:
Mostly peoples who took interest in hitting on their own ads usually have website with low traffic. So Google notice it that while this website have low Page rank and not indexed by search engines and not any other source of traffic like referral links, so how it got so many visits and clicks on ads by peoples who directly reach to it.

Webpage Design:
Google Adsense strictly not allows you to place or use any text or image near to your advertisement which direct or point out towards ads either by showing arrows or any text like we provide you free of cost tutorials please give us a donation by clicking below link, etc.

So now what you think, is it easy to cheat the world’s no.1 Advertising agency, I am sure that your answer will be NO. and by the way Google is so smart, and use his fully professional team of super Advance BOTS and also man power to monitor your website and your online activity to keep his business clean and to provide more facilities with more reliability to his Publishers and Advertisers. 


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