Thursday, 14 June 2012

Best Tips For Choosing a Successful Blog Domain Name

Domain name is an identity of your blog or website as same as your name represents you. Setting up a domain is the first step in blogging and the most important one. It doesn’t matter that you choose blogging for business, fun or any other reason, but you must have to set it properly to move successfully towards next step in blogging journey. A proper domain name helps your readers and visitors in remembering and in visibility of your blog in search results, and also give a serious and professional looks to your blog or website. So take care of this first step, even if you are going for a free sub domain. Sub-Domain means creating and publishing of a website on someone’s other domain like on or So, if you are going to take a start with such platforms which provides you free of cost domains like then choose such a name which you will have to use in future as custom one like

So, now I am going to share some steps and tips which help you alot in taking a successful startup.

Brain Storming:

First of all, take a pen and paper and start writing major points about your blog topics, then categorize them.


Now, think which type of audience is you expected for your blog. Is they are time pass, for fun looking, business related mind, etc.


In this step, extract the points you write during brain storming, which you think are more related to your audience or visitors interest.

Keywords Selection:

After getting a rough idea about your blog topic go for a keyword research, and use your categories for finding relative keywords. You can also use Google Adwords Keyword Tool for this purpose.

Domain Name Selection:

After following above steps means you successfully completed 60% of work on domain name. Now, it’s time for choosing and making a name from keywords and uses it as a domain. But during finalizing the domain name, keep in mind and make sure that your domain name must comply with the following guidelines. 

      a.       Size:-

Always keep size of domain name below 21 characters for better SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), because it helps to index easily by search engines and show complete link in search results not with doted incomplete URL. It also helps in sharing because it is easy to insert them in text and looks better in marketing.

      b.      Descriptive:-

Descriptive means, that it tells complete story and information about the website and also defines the purpose.

      c.       Short Keywords:-

Try to sue as many as keywords as possible, and it is only possible if you are using short size keywords. It helps to explore your niche more and make more visible in search results.

      d.      Make URL Truly Unforgettable:-

Make sure that your domain name will be attractive and memorable. For this purpose you can use eye-catching keywords with simple spelling that anyone can easily spell it and that will easily sticks in the mind of your blog link visitors and viewers. This helps to get them back again on your website.

      e.      Use of hyphens and Numbers:-

I suggest you to not use hyphens (-) and numbers (1, 2, 3, 4…) in domain name, because it makes it hard to search and it becomes very difficult for everybody to remember it.

      f.        Your & Blog Name:-

There are so many examples that people use their name as domain name but quantity is same as finding a needle in grass. So, the recommendation is that go for domain name as same to the blog name. This would make it easy to remember and make it stronger in sense of niche. For example, in my case ProBloggersTricks is a domain and also blog name.

In last, it depends on you, either you use all of the above tips or a combination, but keep in mind that try to set a proper domain name in one step, because change in name later will kill your blog traffic.
So Hope you like the above pro tips, ad also share your views and if any questions in mind with us in comments section. Thanks.


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