Friday, 15 June 2012

Best 7 Benefits of Getting Comments on Blog

Blogger's hunger is quenched only by two methods, is either by earning required amount of dollars from his blog and/or by the getting more and more comments on his blog and post. But earning money doesn’t give satisfaction as much as comments gives, because they give feeling that there is someone in this cold world who loves to read your posts, love the way you writes, and what you have write in your blog creates some meaning to them that they responding.

Benefits of Getting Comments:

Know the question is that is getting comments on your blog or website by your visitors and readers have any benefit or not? The answer is YES; let me tell you how they are good for your blog health:

1. More Comments:

The first advantage is that the number of comments attract the and force others to commenting, without thinking why he/she was doing that, this is all because of impression and impact of huge number of comments which are showing with your post.

2. PageViews:

Now the second one is that comment also helps to increase your pageviews significantly. Because when readers sees your post link and with also number of peoples who shares their thoughts, then he/she will surely give a click on it to seeing what stuff is shared by author which is so attractive.

3. SEO:

When commentator share his views on your post, then it will surely be related to niche, which helps to increase the content of your blog because of adding more related keywords and make it strong in aspect of niche. And in result it shows in top 5 search results because of high page rank and SERP. So the juice is it is beneficial for SEO.

4. Information:

After reading comments you can get and figure out new ideas and information on the subject that you are writing about that what your readers want to read and what type of thing they like.

5. Symbol:

More remarks are a symbol of your popularity, more popularity, readers and friends and more visitors.

6. Lessons:

Some commenter’s point out the mistakes and problems in your post, like if you share any tutorial of installing any widget in a blog, so if he/she facing any problems in installing it or any error in coding or may be found any mistake in your script, then you get know about the issue and get an chance of improving your skills of explanation and improve your post and can provide best tutorials to them.

7. Celebrity:

And the last one which was in my list is that your commentators can make you a hero and iconic personality in your field.  

So, now I hope you enjoyed this post. And if you have any points in your mind which you think I have missed here so kindly most welcome to share them in comments section.


  1. Comments also gives life to your blog posts :)
    Correct me if I'm wrong :)

  2. @Mauritian: No..! u r 101% right Pal

  3. Comments show that how much useful is your site.... COrrect me if i am wrong...

  4. @sumeet: buddy u also Right...and thanks for thise valuable contribution..:D