Thursday, 14 June 2012

Best 10 Benefits of Using Own Custom Domain Name

As in Previous Post we are discuss the best tips for setting up a successful Domain name, then if you are going for a custom domain you need to register it. There are so many benefits of getting a custom domain, which are listed down below:
own custom blogger domain benefits

1. Impression:

It gives a professional look and serious impression on visitors and readers and helps to make it more reliable for them.

2. Sub-Domain & ID:

 You can create more 4-5 sub-domains from it, like, etc. and can also make your own custom email address like

3. SERP:

Better results in Search Engine Results Page because search engine bots give more priority to custom domains and also in indexing.

4. Traffic:

Use of own domain helps to divert 30% more traffic towards your blog.

5. Sharing:

You can proudly share it on internet, business cards, CV’s and in publicity purpose.

6. Reselling:

You can also make some money from it after selling it later to someone else. This is a growing business and people are making thousands of Dollars from it, but the things that all it need are Investment, Mind and patience.

7. Apps & Tools:

Custom domain gives you a freedom to use Google apps and multiple of tools on it.

8. Adsense:

Google Adsense gives more priority in approval of account with custom domain.

9. More Earning Opportunities:

There are so many top best alternatives of Adsense for earning which didn’t accept sub-domains, so you must of your own to use them.

10. Life Time Guarantee:

And the last one and major one is that sometimes free platform providers like blogger or wordpress deletes your website without any reason(this is very irritating moment because I have a experience of it :D) but in case of your own one there is no any risk or threat of such activity.

In last, now I think you might get an idea of advantages of using and taking start with custom domain, and hope you like. But I am sure that the above list is not completed, and there are so many also other benefits which you know, so you can share your precious views with us in comment section. Thanks.

Update (1st Feb 2014):
There is a little update for comments I got in this post which I think I have to make it 1.5 years ago :P As I made dimes from this blog so I quickly bought a Domain for it named, as I promised. And in couple of months I extended its expiry date too for two years. But because of educational engagements I did not got enough time to keep it update. So, after more than half an year when I got some time to look back to my blogs I bought a new domain for it to make it brandable and unique (because during my absence a newbie from my same country bought and developed a blog on domain very similar domain [without 's']. That guy hurt or you can say stole my presence by typosquatting. Even still at that time I was in the position to take down that domain but I refused to do so because I realize that's my fault that why I gave someone so much time to build his presence by cybersquatting (which is obviously a pathetic act). And today that guy has successfully build his own community of like minded people and I sincerely feel glad on his success (but not appreciate the step he took to start his blogging journey :P). But there is one more thing beyond above weird story that blogspot sub domains still have their own worth especially when it comes to micro niche sites. And I will discus this thing in any other post in detail. Over to you folks!


  1. Bro. Then why you don't take these benefits ????? lol...:)

  2. @Tricker: Buddy we are in progress, And Soon u we will see a Custom Domain with so many other attractive features...Just Wait and Watch...:D

  3. Better to change into custom domain as quickly as possible bro. Anyway good luck :)

  4. great job brother, i was confused for this but now all is cleared.

  5. Also the added fact that you can sell your domain if ur on a custom one is the most benifiting....You can sell it over flippa when needed