Saturday, 26 May 2012

Receiving Adsense Invalid Clicks | Will it be Disabled?

This is wish of every blogger and website earner that he/she receives so many clicks on website or blog with traffic and earns more. But sometime it is seen when you open your account for checking Google Adsense revenue and you see a lot of clicks in report. First you become happy that Wow I got so many clicks on such Page views but as you move your eyes to right and check CPC(Cost per Click) and Estimated earnings you surprised that why it is so less. Then you realized that these are invalid clicks which are detected by Google on my ads.

You can check below image in which affected person receives 102 clicks on only 2653 page views, means after every 26 page views he got 1 hit, this is not normal, because normally it is almost 1 click on almost 0.1-0.5K Page views.
invalid clicks Adsense

What is an Invalid Click?
According to Google:
what is invalid click by google adsense

  This is problem which many people are experienced and experiencing. 

So, then some questions rise up in your mind that:
1: Is I get banned by Google Adsense?
2: How do I find somebody who is clicking on my ads?
3: How to protect my ads or stop invalid clicks activity?

So the answer of your first question is that, yes if you receiving bulk of such an activity then your account will surely get banned. Because it is clearly include in Adsense policies that don’t click on your own ads and neither ask someone like your friend/s and don't go towards accidental clicks( means place your codes in such a place where viewer cant differentiate between ad, like placing it in any art frame box like in TV frame or mobiles, and also don't force your visitors to clicks on ads by placing statement that " Grab it by clicking below Box", usage of any software which generates clicking or increase traffic, or showing any arrow or image which redirects to ads, etc. These all above activities are carefully monitored by Google bots and human viewers and in case of detection these all clicks are listed in invalid clicks list and count it in Fraud case and you will not receive earning from such clicks and there is a higher chance that your account will be disabling. 

The main reason behind this detection of invalid clicks(HOW?) is to maintain the trust of both Advertisers and Publishers on Google Adsense, and to protect Advertisers from artificially inflated cost. 

If you’re not using above listed tricks to receive clicks, then the questions rises what is the reason of this click bombing..... READ IT MORE

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