Monday, 28 May 2012

How to Track and Monitor Adsense Invalid Clicks And Report to Google Support

If you have a suspect that someone clicks on your ads, and want to banned your account by adsense, or your account is hijacked by click bombing and you are really worried about your adsense account of losing it, then to find the attacker and stop him for further more clicking activity is the first most important step for you.

To find the click bomber first go to your traffic logs or reports, and try to figure out any data of IP addresses, referrers or requests which you have suspect about it. And to trace invalids clicks there are some programs and website which you can use, and one the best programs for tracking adsense clicks are Google Analytics and
track adsense invalid clicks by google analytics

I prefer you to use both Google Analytics and Statcounter because both of them are free trackers and easy to use. Google analytics give you enough details and helps you to figure out the suspicious data, while Statcounter will not give you so much information as analytics but by using it you can get an information that from where your traffic is coming and also that how your visitors navigate your site and the IP addresses, which helps a lot you to reach to the attacker. Now you can use this information either to directly contact with Anonymous by sending mail or comment on his/her website.

 Mostly persons which are targeted by such illegal activity are by mostly their friends or relatives or any known persons. After getting all this information send an report to Google Support at 
and focus on how to block them or stop it. And according to my understanding after sending report your account should be safe, and then it’s not remains the issue for publishers, Google experts should find its solution.

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