Monday, 31 July 2017

How I Solved 500 error in Wordpress After Editing PHP File

I have recently trying to use JavaScript inside wordpress post by simply editing post but failed to make it work. Decided to use apply some jQuery from Stack Overflow in php file, in a hope it may work. The moment I posted it in extras.php, and clicked on update file button, my whole website starts giving 500 Error.

Very soon I realised its giving 500 error because of editing php file, because my other website on same server is working fine. To get this problem solve, I contacted my hosting provider (a kind of friend) on facebook, but he was outside and ensure me that he will fix it in couple hours when he will be back to home.

So, I headed towards google with my query, and got hints that it can also be fixed using backup. But when I accessed cpanel I didn't find any backup. But in a hope that there should be some place where that corrupt extras.php should be available. So, I accessed File Manager from cPanel. And found extras.php file from public_html >> >> wp-content >> themes >> Fashionistas (current theme your website is using) >> inc >> extras.php. Then simple right click on extras.php to edit it and replace the addition you made right before getting 500 Error and then click on Save Changes. Thats it. Now Your site should be working fine. Look below screenshot for better understanding of steps I followed.

Thank you!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

How To Reinstate Amazon Associates CLOSED Account

As part of struggle to make 2017 goals reality, Today on 12th November 2016 I headed to my very old but almost zero-meter Amazon associates account which I made years ago, in 2011. After struggling with recovering password I managed to sign in but welcomed by an important notice, mentioning;
Important Notice This account is closed and will not generate referrals. Access to this site is for historical purposes only.

Amazon Associates CLOSED Account

Sunday, 23 October 2016

I Win Bet of Google Ads Optimization To Improve Performance

Good day, hope you all doing great. Few days back I received a notification under Optimization tab in Google Adsense that one of my link ad unit needs an optimization in order to improve its performance. I mostly avoid that kind of recommendation because by experience I'm aware of my audience and niches that what kind ads perform best. But this time I decided to give it a try because I noticed there is an option of "Run Experiment" right next to the notification.

So Finally, I decided to run an experiment based on their optimization tip; which says your link unit border has to be have the same color as of its background color for better performance. I found it so simple to create. You just have to click on Run Experiment and then Google Adsense will initiate it itself.

The experiment ran for 3 days, and during all that time, I thought may be the border color isn't making any difference thats why its taking so long. But I was wrong, after gathering 36 thousand ad impressions, Google Adsesne jury made an announcement with 100% confidence that I was right. My original link unit ad was chosen as winner over there recommended ad unit with variation in border color. YEAHHH!!!! :D

As you can see in above screenshot, because of the changes they recommended the RPM decreased by 22%, Quality Score over 40%, and the overall performance decreased by 61%. And thats huge.

So, the conclusion of this interesting story is to be confident on what you are doing. Especially, don't get confuse and apply experiments when your site is getting tons of traffic for a very limited duration like for few hours or 4-5 days as we observe during events or when posts goes viral on social media, etc. Mine website was kind of small semi seasonal, so it didn't make much difference, but, if you will do the math, it still costed me $4.872 USD because of drop in RPM. Over to you!