Thursday, 30 July 2015

.PW tld Domain Good for SEO - Say Na Na Atleast for Now!

Is .pw domain good for SEO. Does Google treat .pw tld as same as .com, .net, .co, info, .org, etc. in search results?

Hello, recently I have gone through some experience, which I thought very worth to share with you, and thats what which bring me back to this site after years of gap. So here is the scene.

Few days back I bought few .pw tlds for my new projects. All were exact match keywords rich domains and I was feeling very lucky to have them. Because on behalf of my seo experience I was sure enough to dominate my niche real quick by having specially like that keyword rich domain (P.S: I'm already in that niche with my two sites, so very well aware of the efforts aka the game needed to play to come on top). Back to the scene, the same day I put some high quality content on my first .pw tld domain. And then made it submit in Google Webmaste Tools, its sitemap, and fetched it also. In few minutes the homepage url got indexed in Google search. Happy Again (Smile emoticon)!

In other couple of days I put lot of content on it, if I tell you exactly, I put 130 pages of good quality content on site, and fetched every page also. But what I realize during these couple of days that my new pages urls are not getting index in Google. Thats something which was new for me in my years of SEO journey. I also pinged my pages. But no result. Only a total of 11 page urls got listed in Google search after multiple tries of fetching, pinging, submitting in Google index, and wait of multiple days. Then after few days Google started kicking those indexed urls out from search and they fall back to 8, only. But, in real only 6 pages appeared in serp by using pages content as query in commas.

So, I headed towards Google webmasters dashboard to see any errors in Structured data, or any notification in html improvements section. Found everything perfect. Then in sitemaps section I observed something very strange. Sitemap got a problem in indexing..

As my other similar sites on other tlds, .pw one was also has same atom feed, and same structure. But in Sitemap section, Google is not realizing or picking up what type of feed is it, Processed column was still in pending, neither realizing items kind and nor number of submitted items in feed, except the one (of which I failed to realize why). I resubmitted my sitemap and waited a day but got same problem. Look at the below screenschot to know excatly what I'm talking about. Although, look at the second screenshot which is of my one other site on .com tld but in similar niche and with same site structure, and know how .pw one is expected to be.

Then later to make things more clear, I decided to make live my other .pw tld domain with its on unique hight quality content but in different niche (but not new for me, already dominating first positions on main keywords with another .com gear). I also dressed it with my another theme to know if there is any issue with theme. As usual homepage got indexed in less than hour. So I moved to sitemap and tried to submit but same shit. Google webmaster tools is not realizing or accepting its sitemap.

So, in curiosity, I decided to launch my .com site with exactly same theme as my first .pw tld domain but with different content on homepage, and for pages I used the not-yet-indexed content which I published on my first .pw tld site. Site with its pages got indexed as usual, and it sitemap also got accepted by Google webmaster tool. See yourself below in screenshot.

So things started getting clear, how Google is trreating .pw tld, aka the Professional Web. So in curiosity I was exploring every function of webmaster tools to get any clue what I'm missing. Then I got the most awaited clue, aka kind of MVP :v (Silly cracking emoticon). Hahaha, my eyes got wet, mouth got spread as about to smile, ensuring me the hard work I put in my these project, the money I throw to get handful of new .pw domains, the efforts and days I put to explore what causing the trouble, all got almost wasted. Google was treating .pw tld same as we hear in stories about stepfathers cruelty, lol. Google even don't let you set the crawl rate for pw site via site settings in webmasters section. See the screenshot below for more details.

So my dear, this is Google, aka Uturn. Not sure why they do mostly go opposite of what they brag in front. I bought domains after a recent detailed news of John Mueller giving Google faqs for treating new tlds in search.

So, yeah. Thats my experience with .pw tld. I may go for a few days wait before making .pw tlds redirect on any .com, .net, .info, .org, etc. Btw, I also got some experience with .xyz domains and they all performed good in Google search (not in bing and yahoo). So, its very difficult to tell what new tlds are performing well in Google serp. So be sure to test the waters before throwing big money or efforts.

It may also possible that I'm still missing something or misinterpreting. So, please share your thoughts and experience if any with .pw or any other new tlds / gtlds. Have a Good day!

Update 1: After wait of two more days, Google kicked out more urls now, the indexed urls according to Google are only 5, while the searchable ones with exact content dropped to two. Update 2: I have bought the same domain but in .org version, as .com is not available. Its completely new, will make it live soon with same content, and will hopefully update this post as well.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Adwords Campaign Section Introduced In Blogger Dashboard

Blogger has made a new addition of Campaigns in left sidebar in blogger blog dashboard. Clearly, intention seems to introduce Google Adwords service to all blogspot users and make them aware about Adwords use to increase targeted audience by paying for advertisements.

ads in search results page

On clicking Campaign in blogger, for new users they have explained Google Adwords in 3 steps;
Grow your audience
Whether you're looking to bring in new readers or keep them coming back for more, AdWords can help your blog get more visibility.

1. Create your ad
Start by writing an ad that tells people about your blog.
Next, choose the search terms that will make your ad show up in the Google search results.

2. People see your blog on Google
If the words that people type in Google match your keywords, your ad can appear above or next to the search results.

3. You get more readers
They click your ad and go to your blog. Best of all, you only pay when they do.
A Start Now button is also given their to signup under Adwords, though, Adwords already members can set up ad campaigns by log in to Adwords directly.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Good News - Google Authorship Image Starts Showing Up Again In Serp

Hello everyone, this is quick post, kind of BREAKING News. The news is Google authorship photo starts showing up once again in search results. Exactly 5 months back On 20th December 2013, authors image of many people suddenly stopped showing in search along some of their websites. So, in a post I threw light on three possible reasons that why image of many authors has stopped showing in Google search rich snippets. Then we saw weight in a possibility that this might be happened because of any Google update (like; site-wide Google Authorship Penalty).

But now, I'm pretty damn sure, that creepy thing happened to many bloggers because of any kind of Google update. And exactly, after 5 months, on 21st May 2014, the rich snippets with author photos are back in search results.

Now I have checked on my sites, Google showing it perfectly even on my hardly seven days old site too. To ensure is this back only for me or for all, I checked rich snippets of every buddy who did comment on my previous post. And the good thing is that the author image is showing up in search for all authors.

So, congratulations boys; +Renz Kristofer Cheng+Suresh KP+Muhammad Kamran+Tom Crandall :)

Seriously, I don't have any idea about Google's intentions, when on 20th December 2013 they hide authorships and today when they make authorship visible again for everyone exactly after 5 months. This   is especially for you, Google!

google authorship

Update: Right after 4 days on 24th May 2014, all of author's images have gone hidden once again :3
Looking forward to see What would you like to say how you see or feel this!